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by Darken My Grief

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In your dark-velvet eyes, two deep, silent skies are awaking, Seeding the grief with every belief they are breaking, Clinging to my every piece even I dare not see, Deeper and deeper than deep… deep into me…! Darken my grief beyond belief! Darkened by grief and blackened by sorrow Beyond belief! In those deep, silent skies in your dark-velvet eyes I am shrouded, Searching for light, I find myself, oh, so clouded Among raging, storming tempests I cannot tame… My fallen angel, what is your name?
Athean 04:25
Could I ever put my trust in one I can’t see? Hope for the truth of some old tales – That’s not for me! I am one that can’t believe in anyone: Not yours, truly, self-sufficient, Athean! Your voice gives me shivers of indifference – my ignorance comes, at times, as such a bless. And, as some may find beauty in your darkness, I still fail to feel any warmth of your caress… An arabesque of shadows draws your face on the ground, They hear your voice in every sound; But to me you’re just emptiness and silence – A barren echo of a fading trance… When your hand falls down upon them, they all give in… All around me lives by rules I don’t believe in… I am one that can’t believe in anyone: Not yours, truly, self-sufficient, Athean!
Fragmented 06:27
Distorted to your resemblance I'm here to build one thing of me for all remembrance, But then I, for one, am pieces apart -- A strange monument to your weird sense of art... Small fragments with a hint of grand, A twisted puzzle that strives to be beautiful in the end!... R: You are the one that binds me together Of all the shards that you conceived And gave me a fate to struggle forever, here, in chains, Or, at least, that's what you've left me believe!...
Soulset 05:35
Silence covers all Like snow, in constant fall, Life made whole In my soulset… Bended to the form Of the ending storm, Embraced, adorn Is my soulset (war!)… And, as I fade, My body has laid A dark serenade To my soulset… No star alight, No angel in flight, I melt to the night Of my soulset war!… Ch: And then all the shadows awaken, Impatient, to witness my fall, And all bonds with life are now breaking, For this is the ending of all and the set of my soul!...
(When we descend, your knees we bend – A symphony to your bitter end. Wings uncut and eyes wide shut, We seal your doom and hopes turn to dust!... ) The bounds of pain broken – I was reborn of pain, An entrapped angel was I, Ages of suffering, of silence and grief Have chained my soul to the night. And given freedom, I sought to seed The myriad truths of life, yet again, In mortals’ laments, in their despair, For I am an angel of pain! Ch: You’re lost forever and drift away, No room for revelry, no light to fill your somber day… We bring desire, you fall apart – A beautiful phoenix lying, wings broken, in the dirt… (We saw the seeds of your disaster, Oh, pain breeds such poetry!... As muses for your dark inspiration, So blessed are we, the Angels of Pain!)
(The cradle!...) The life I live begins to end - Death is only veiling up my dreadful past, There’s nothing I can see before this moment and, at last, Time has lost its meaning - am I dead? As cradles swing my hopes up high, The graves await for me to lie, The hourglass has turned again For one last time, onto the end! Happiness won’t last forever - It is shorter than a dream… Death, my friend - it has no beauty, It is not what it may seem. Many tears have fallen in silence for my life, It's the spring of a new beginning, As my past is lost, to pain me no more… With the light of a cold and lonely star, I engrave my epitaph in the four winds from afar!... (The grave!...)
I speak in wounds and not in hollow words, You answer tears - the purest of all springs, I write with dreams that cloud the mind and hurt - This paradise lust and the joy it brings… Barons of the barren world of flesh, Slipping through the sleeping agony, Rotten to the core, but smelling fresh, Lost in a lust that should not be... Then all stars have fallen as a veil upon all hopes And my dreams, so faded - they tremble in their rust… A mere ghost, haunting limp, looking for a life, To earn the place of the angels in this paradise lust…
…And they live! And they think they’re so pure and so deep; And they believe they’re so just and so free; And they see all their sins mirrored in me… Do they have the right to throw the stone at me? …And they die! And they see all they’ve believed in was a lie; That there’s no kingdom of heaven there up-high, No long-lost friends waiting for them in the sky – Only friend is the cold tomb where they lie! …And they go! And they turn into dust, silent and slow; And where their souls will wander and roam – no one will know; And it is there, where they’ve once fallen, that others will grow – And it all repeats just the same, on and on!...
I’ve been set adrift by all this fake reality and all those lies, By mild hypocrisy, half-pleasures and madness in disguise… Always forced to choose between some lesser evils, I have closed my eyes And fake-believed the stone to be melted ice. Ch: All those lies, all those lies you’ve been revealing to me, All this pain, all this pain that boils in me, All this time, all this time I’ve wasted trying to see Through this old veil of misconceptions and deceit. …Lament of the hopeless… Oh, but now I know my struggle’s pointless and my pain is here to stay And I believe there is a way to get through all dismay: To embrace and bend, to blind myself, to rot with this decay – You all pathetic hopeful, let me drift away!


Alas, the portents were true - the Blightingales are upon us! All crumbles, melts and fades, struck with illness and decay. The sound of doom within an album caught.


released September 30, 2017

The band, currently comprised of Duddu and Boke, received tremendous help in reshaping the ”Blightingales” from the following awesome people:

Dan Swanö (Unisound Studio / ex-Edge of Sanity - mix & mastering), Joakim “Jocke” Wallgren (drums), Vladimir Ivanov (Real Sound Studio / Pinholes - recordings), Corina Gheorghe (Tiarra - violin), Iuliana Gheorghe (Tiarra - cello), Tudor Scânteie (Negative Core - recordings), Adrian „Bilă” Uritescu (Lowbass5 Studio / Targ3t - reamping), Jorge A. Coan (Bucovina - lending the bass guitar and adivice).


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Darken My Grief Bucharest, Romania

Romanian grey metal (an atypical elegant combo of doom, melodic death and symphonic black) done right.
It is the resurgence of an old project that once soared very high, but burned its wings in the sun.
Now reemerging from darkness, the band brings about decrepitude in the form of its first true album called ”Blightingales”, an opus that will carry you across states of aggressive melancholy.
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